Box Tour: CrossFit Malibu

By Mike Anderson

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December 06, 2012

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The beach is three-quarters of a mile one way, and the mountains are the other. In between sits CrossFit Malibu, a Quonset hut with a combined total of 1,525 square feet.

Owner Mike Anderson started with just 576 square feet, two squat racks, three rowers and a pull-up bar big enough for five people to use simultaneously.

“I didn’t really take into account the programming with the size of the space or with the equipment. I just put stuff up on the board and we figured it out at the time,” he says. “We built it all around functionality, and then the form followed from that.”

As membership grew, Anderson was able to use the attached annex to add 950 square feet.

The box is not only characterized by its semicircle shape, but also by the abundance of chalkboards to which Anderson is partial from his school-teaching days.

“It’s one of the distinctive features that when someone walks into a Quonset hut, sees the chalkboards, the black floor, all the heavy stuff, the empty space, you pretty much know what’s gonna go on here,” he says.

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7 Comments on “Box Tour: CrossFit Malibu”


Mark Ritchie wrote …

Good job Mike! Great vibe at CF Malibu -- and a great coach and community. Can't wait to get back there again!


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Mike, that is one of the coolest boxes I have seen!
It's about the same size as my own, and also has that rugged old-school look to it.
Your attitude about training is great!
Keep up the good work!


wrote …

I Love this Place.


wrote …

Hey Mike, I hope to check out Malibu sooner than later. Hope all is well.
Mike Asher (Levi and Desi's roomate)


wrote …

Down and dirty making it work. I found this very inspirational. Thanks for sharing Mike and may your future be an amazing AMRAP!



wrote …

Great job. Once again the vision triumphs.


wrote …

very intelligent used space , I love it :)

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