The Rob Davis Story

By Rob and Karen Davis

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December 13, 2012

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Rob Davis was a six-figure, white-collar, software-industry executive with a wife and six kids. When the economy started to tank, he wasn’t concerned.

“I never in my life had a problem finding a job. Didn’t anticipate it being a problem whatsoever,” he explains. “That wasn’t the case.”

Davis and his family found themselves living on his unemployment checks for months with no prospects on the horizon. During that time, a friend introduced him to After learning more, Davis took a leap of faith.

“I took—no exaggeration—I took almost our last little bit of money and put our deposit down on a Level 1 (seminar) with no idea how I was going to pay the remaining balance.”

Days before Christmas, the Davis family received a knock on the front door and an $8,000 check “from Santa.”

Today, Davis owns CrossFit 817, a 15,000-square-foot affiliate in Keller, Texas, with more than 300 members.

“Still to this day,” he says, “don’t have any idea where that (check) came from.”

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14 Comments on “The Rob Davis Story”


wrote …

This story is amazing and an excellent reminder to never give up even in the toughest of situations.


wrote …

Great story! Inspiration how tough times bring valuable lessons


wrote …

What a great story and was fighting very hard not to choke up. Guess in a way you are now living the dream and well done to keep on pushing and not giving up.

Happy holidays and keep on believing in Santa!


wrote …

What a great story about leaps of faith!


wrote …

Fantastic story. Brought to mind a quote "I love the recklessness of faith, first you jump, then you grow wings."


wrote …

Great story... like the comments above, it's proof that with passion, dedication, and strong support from family and friends, amazing things are possible! Keep up the good work down there.


wrote …

This is an amazing story!
We are living the same thing ... CrossFit is changing our lives the same way!


wrote …

This story puts so much into perspective. Don't sweat the small stuff in life. Great story!


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

Awesome story Rob. You should be proud of yourself and everyone involved in the process. How cool is that!


wrote …

well done davis family! go crossfit 817!


wrote …

It took incredible courage to tell that story. Amazing.


wrote …

It's always nice to see someone make it through the struggles and their lifes drastically improved as a result!!!


wrote …



wrote …

Beautiful story. The power of community and humanity does exist, even though we lose faith in it sometimes.

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