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The Pursuit of Excellence by Ben Bergeron - CrossFit Journal

The Pursuit of Excellence

By Ben Bergeron

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Ben Bergeron recommends affiliate owners focus on the things that really matter. The rest, he says, will take care of itself.

From my early days as an affiliate owner, I have been driven by the adage that the “blind and relentless pursuit of excellence ” is what determines success. This stunningly simple and profound recommendation that Coach Greg Glassman spread to the affiliate Community years ago was one of the original things that drew me to becoming a CrossFit affiliate owner.

I believe in the pursuit of excellence and have centered my entire business on this concept. At first glance, the notion of excellence can seem broad, general and vague. Sure, excellence is a noble goal worthy of any business owner’s time and effort, but how does the pursuit of excellence drive the day-to-day operations of an affiliate? I believe understanding this concept can direct decisions, establish core values and competencies, and ultimately determine the success of an affiliate.

The pursuit of excellence, in regards to operating a world-class CrossFit affiliate, has everything to do with your current members. It has to do with their happiness inside and outside the walls of your gym. It relates to their growing confidence and their acceptance as a part of your community, and it has to do with their health, wellness, fitness and results. In other words, the pursuit of excellence is the pursuit of improving the lives of your members.

This seems simple enough, and it is. Just don’t confuse simple with easy.

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7 Comments on “The Pursuit of Excellence”


wrote …

Great article, excellent analogy really drives the point home.


wrote …

"..just to show you that
no matter how full
your life and business may seem,
there’s always room for
a couple of beers
with friends."

Excellent stuff.


wrote …

Ben, this is the model that originally attracted me to the idea of being an affiliate owner. Thank you for articulating this vision again, it is good to know that it can be relevant in the "real world." One thing about this vision is it is just as applicable to a 10 member garage gym like ours as it would be to a 150 member box. There are many ways to trade time for money, what is compelling to me about CrossFit is the opportunity to trade time for impact on other people and their lives and to be able to feed my family in the process. A close second on the "desirables" list for the career path of a box owner is the unlimited opportunity for learning how to be a better coach, owner and human.


wrote …

Great article. Thanks, Ben!


wrote …

Excellent article. I love building relationships with our community. Man, are we lucky to be affiliate owners!!


wrote …

Well done Ben! I remember reading this in Covey's book about 7 or 8 years ago, then someone posted this same parable on Facebook the other day and now I have just read how you beautifully orchestrated it into the explanation of pursuing excellence. God is clearly saying something to me here! Thanks Ben! My new year goal = all areas of life especially with God and my wife.


wrote …

Awesome article. I wrote Ben an email a while ago asking for book recommendations, not really expecting a response. He got back to me that same day with some great reads.

He definitely seems like one of the good guys.

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