The Stone

By Mike Warkentin

In Rest Day/Theory

December 25, 2012

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On the moving of heavy things.

Humans have moved stones for millennia.

Flipping, pushing, pulling, dragging, rolling and sliding until the pyramids towered over the desert.

People moved some of the mighty blocks of Stonehenge over 100 miles, scientists say.

The Paro moai erected on Easter Island is almost 10 meters tall and weighs 82 tons.

It’s in our nature to move heavy stones because we build things. Great things like temples, monuments, castles, bridges, cathedrals.

We build other things by moving stones.

Like willpower. Character, too. It takes great character to move a heavy stone a great distance.

It’s a kilometer from CrossFit Seminar Staff member Brett Fforde’s garage gym to the local shopping center in Mackay, Australia. In between the two sat an awkward boulder of about 175 lb.

Each time he passed it, he moved the stone five to 20 meters closer to home.

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2 Comments on “The Stone”


Frank DiMeo wrote …

This type of training is done regularly at our gym
Good article


wrote …

Good article, Mike. Short, sweet and very true.
It reminded me of the stone-race-around-the-rocket-ship WOD during The Classic.
Good times!

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