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A Day With Coach B. by Hilary Achauer - CrossFit Journal

A Day With Coach B.

By Hilary Achauer

In The CrossFit Life

January 09, 2013

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You’ll have to drive to Bonsall, Calif., if you want to train with Coach Mike Burgener. But you can’t park in the garage. That’s reserved for lifting.

“Way to go! That really lights my ass on fire!”

Being coached by Mike Burgener is a singular experience. Not only is he one of the best Olympic-weightlifting coaches in the country—he coached the Junior World Women’s Weightlifting Team and runs the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer Course—but Burgener also has a way with words.

Colorful language and incisive, targeted coaching cues flow effortlessly out of Burgener’s mouth. He’s tough but full of warmth and genuine enthusiasm, regardless of the weight on your bar.

Burgener is so good that CrossFit athletes from around the country drive for hours to remote Bonsall, Calif., just to hang out in his two-car garage and soak up his wisdom.

He doesn’t charge for these sessions. All he needs is advance notice to make sure he’s in town.

“I choose not to charge,” Burgener said. “I’m blessed. It all comes back,” he said.

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wrote …

I go to Coach B after work, driving 45 minutes in the opposite direction from my home. I always have to overcome my fatigue and thinking of how I can WOD in my garage and be home early. But I go and every time I call my wife how great the training was while feeling rested and relaxed. Coaching me requires a lot of patience. Coach B has a lot even though he tells me I could make a preacher curse and drink. I am getting better inspire of myself and because of Coach B. However, with all due respect to Coach B, he can't hold a candle to my first Oly coach, Sage. I really go there for the friendship I have with Leslie and Mike. Love 'em both.


wrote …

I will be in Cali. this summer for a few weeks. I would love to go to Coach B's house for an afternoon or two and soak up some wisdom. How would I get in touch with him? Does he allow random Crossfitters to come by or do you have to be invited/introduced into the scene?

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