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Training for the Pommel Horse by Jeff Tucker, Sean Lind and Julie Maurer - CrossFit Journal

Training for the Pommel Horse

By Jeff Tucker, Sean Lind and Julie Maurer

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January 12, 2013

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What do you get when you suspend a big, orange bucket by a rope from the ceiling? Pommel-horse practice.

At this CrossFit Gymnastics Advanced Trainer Course, Sean Lind explains the bucket is what precedes the ever-tricky pommel horse.

“What we’ve done here is we’re creating a training tool we’ve used in gymnastics,” he says.

With their feet inside the bucket and their legs extended, athletes will simply move in circles with their hands hitting the exact same two spots on the mat.

“You see break dancers do it all the time on the ground,” Lind says. “It’s momentum-based.”

He adds: “What I’m thinking about is pulling myself over my hand, keeping it near me. I’m pushing through the ground and pulling myself underneath me like I’m turning a wheel.”

The bucket forces athletes to hit the right position, Lind says.

But, he notes, “You will fall.”

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6 Comments on “Training for the Pommel Horse”


wrote …

No comments? This is too cool not to acknowledge (and probably too important for shoulder and midline strength to ignore.) I'm all over that drill, and I hope I'm speaking for a large number of silent viewers who are on their way to Home Depot for giant orange buckets!


wrote …

I am wondering the same thing... Why am I only the second comment on here. I totally agree with Thom on how important this drill is. I had to dig a bucket and rope out of the garage after watching this. Also, using a bucket and rope is really good in assisting people in getting into proper position for an L sit.


wrote …

we totally need to rig this up for the garage! you make it look so easy!


wrote …

I just tried it this morning. It's a blast. I collapsed butt-first a few times like the folks in the video. That's not a question of your mid-line but the strength in the back of your shoulders. It takes some doing, holding your arms straight backwards (or downwards), as they bear your weight and you extend your body out and away.

That's a very neglected spot in my shoulder strength training - but not for long!


wrote …

The pommel horse and the rings intrigue me, at 48 now and I don't want to ever get old. I want to do this shit and be good at it. Never really been an athletic person.


wrote …

So, so cool. I'm rigging this up in the home gym this weekend!

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