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Born of Lunacy by Gary McLean - CrossFit Journal

Born of Lunacy

By Gary McLean

In The CrossFit Life

January 11, 2013

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Gary McLean tells his humorous story of how he discovered CrossFit and why it’s always good to be strong.

It was at a young age I knew it was going to be better to be strong.

I was 13 years old at a theme park that I was forced to go to by my mother under the “you’ll enjoy yourself and meet new people” promise.

It was lunchtime in a large open-air picnic area where there were more people than blades of grass. A large number of disabled visitors were there that day, and I distinctly remember a very affectionate disabled child attempting to hug everyone he could reach as I dodged him on the way into the bathroom.

At the urinal trough with my pants undone and in mid-unstoppable flow, I heard the words that still give me chills today: “Huggy, huggy!” The aforementioned boy grabbed me in a bear hug from behind and swung me away from the urinal with my hands stuck down on my sides and my dignity on show for all to see.

Yup, stronger was going to be better.

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4 Comments on “Born of Lunacy”


wrote …

Great Article!! Love the Level 1 story….


wrote …

Gary, a great laugh out loud lesson. The F bombs are just one more reason I love CrossFit.


wrote …

Spealler in a "Tea cosy", LOL!. Funny story!


wrote …

Always guaranteed some dry well delivered humour from G-Mac. Top bloke who drops stealth sarcasm bombs under the radar like no other man I know haha. Great read lad. Have you tried a re-test in the urinals measurable, observable...defo repeatable. B a nice a reunion with your huggy friend ;)

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