CrossFit Radio Episode 257

By Justin Judkins

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January 02, 2013

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On Episode 257 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed Reebok CrossFit St. Thomas owner Chris Irwin, as well as Zach Forrest, who’s an affiliate owner, Level 1 Seminar Staff member and former CrossFit Games competitor. This episode was webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013.

The Words of Wisdom are from the CrossFit Verve blog, in which CrossFit athletes are encouraged to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year before planning goals for 2013.

6:08 Chris Irwin and his wife own the only CrossFit affiliate in the Virgin Islands, Reebok CrossFit St. Thomas. Irwin described how he found CrossFit and started an affiliate, and he talked about his athletic background as a member of the Navy crew team. According to Irwin, CrossFit is growing in St. Thomas, and he described his box’s community and some of the ways they get local businesses involved in fun events on the beach. Finally, Irwin talked about how he encourages his athletes to compete in the sport of CrossFit as well as enjoy it as a general physical preparedness program.

32:32 With his wife, Zach Forrest owns CrossFit Max Effort in Las Vegas, Nev. Forrest described how Dave Castro introduced him to CrossFit when he was in the Navy, which was fortunate because Forrest met his future wife at his first CrossFit affiliate. Forrest explained how it was a natural transition for him to start coaching and said he created a partnership with another affiliate owner in the beginning. In the tourist destination of Las Vegas, CrossFit Max Effort gets constant drop-ins, and Forrest described how he manages the traffic. He also explained how he programs around the timing of the CrossFit Games and uses two-month cycles to emphasize different aspects of training. Similar to Irwin, he says the sport of CrossFit is a priority in his programming but doesn’t take precedence over CrossFit as a GPP program.

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lots of SEALs on this episode Irwin and Forrest

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