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Dark-Alley Defense by Hilary Achauer - CrossFit Journal

Dark-Alley Defense

By Hilary Achauer

In CrossFit Defense

January 08, 2013

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CrossFit Defense fuses fitness with effective self-defense, teaching physical and psychological strategies for surviving an attack or a tough workout. Hilary Achauer reports.

Many years ago, before kids and CrossFit, I was an amateur boxer. I competed from about 2001 to 2004, and during that time one of the most frequent comments I got was, “Wow, I bet if someone tried to attack you on the street, you’d destroy them.”

“Yeah,” I’d answer, “I totally would if I could first get my headgear, gloves and mouthpiece. They couldn’t hit below the belt or behind the ears.”

In other words, I have no idea how to defend myself.

Boxing is a sport. Other than the fact that I’m more comfortable than most women with the sensation of getting hit in the face, I knew even at the height of my boxing training I’d be fairly useless in a street fight. Boxing is not self-defense.

CrossFit is not self-defense, either. It certainly helps to be strong, fast and agile, but your 200 lb. snatch and flawless butterfly pull-ups are not necessarily going to help if you are taken by surprise in a dark alley.

That’s where the CrossFit Defense, taught by self-defense expert Tony Blauer, comes in. My boxing training had taught me how to throw a punch, and CrossFit had made me an athlete. It was time to learn how to defend myself.

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2 Comments on “Dark-Alley Defense ”


wrote …

This is a good article with the exception of the end where Ken Cervera claims Crossfit Self Defense is the future calling it functional fighting, fighting that works. This is has been claimed by countless systems like gracie/brazilian jiu jitsu, krav maga, mma, jeet kune do, etc... They all claim they have the complete answer to realistic self defense.

Crossfit is great in helping a person develop the tools and mental toughness that are necessary to have in self defense training. However crossfit is NOT a system of self defense.

Crossfit in itself is a great complement to any specialized training or sport. Please just leave it at that.


wrote …

In addition to my previous comment, I would like to add that I think Tony Blauer is doing a great thing. I think things like crossfit Defense are great programs and provide a good platform for improving awareness and learning self defense.

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