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Down but not Out by Sharon Schuh - CrossFit Journal

Down but not Out

By Sharon Schuh

In The CrossFit Life

January 24, 2013

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When Sharon Schuh’s husband was laid off from his job, they had to give up their CrossFit membership. Fortunately, they didn’t have to give up CrossFit.

My son, Eric, started CrossFit at CrossFit Pacific Beach in 2010, and he immediately began using a variety of tactics—including begging, shaming and demanding—to get me and my husband, Tim, to try it out. Eric was convinced we’d love it. And while I hated to admit my child knew more that me, he was right.

We finished the introductory classes, joined and embraced the CrossFit lifestyle. I had such a love/hate relationship with CrossFit. I was always nervous before each workout, always intimidated, but that high I got after each workout was so addicting. I loved working toward a common goal each night with a group of people who were so supportive and genuinely excited for each new PR and milestone I achieved.

When Tim was laid off, we had to give up our CrossFit memberships. We vowed to keep up with the workouts; we were both so thrilled with the changes we were seeing in our bodies and overall fitness. And one of the best things about CrossFit is having the WODs available online and being able to scale them not just to your ability but, in our case, to our equipment.

Tim is currently in the interviewing process for new job. If he gets it, we definitely want to get another membership.

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6 Comments on “Down but not Out”


wrote …

It can be done quite well at home especially after getting the on-ramp and other coaching at the box.
Way to stay committed!
I forecast that your neighbors will become interested eventually.


wrote …

Good Job Guys! Look at the fittest man in the world, he trained at home and look how far he took it! Never Quit!


wrote …

You may end up like Ben Smith and end up coaching a few neighbors in your garage. I'd like to be able to clear out my 1-car space in my garage. I got way too much stuff. Big ups to you guys.


wrote …

I was unemployed from September 2011 until April 2012 so I know how you feel. My daily workouts are what kept me from becoming morbidly depressed. Good luck on your job search!


wrote …

First off good luck on the job search, secondly it’s great that you guys have continued because job loses can be a trying time in person’s life and for a marriage. Its awesome you have this and can do it together. My family is a crossfit garage crew, were going on our 3rd year; I’ve had as many as 15 people funneling through my garage during the course of an evening. Challenge your neighbors tell them if they beat you and your husband in a WOD they can choose the music next time. Who knows maybe they get hooked plus it’s also a great way to network with people, and meet new people. So if they see you guys running in the neighborhood and have the courage to ask what you’re doing just say, stop by bring your shorts a towel and something to drink and we’ll just show you.


wrote …

i love our garage gym! i did level I cert so i could help our kids and their friends learn the movements and to ensure that i was doing them right. we also have some limitations on equipment but we continue to make gains. best of luck with your wods and with the job search!

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