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January 06, 2013

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Nearly three years ago, Marine veteran Nicholas Thom came to CrossFit Rubicon without his legs and without some of his fingers. Eager to become a member, he inquired about monthly rates.

Dave “Chef” Wallach, owner of the Vienna, Va., affiliate, would only accept $1.

“And therein started a program that’s now moving into our third year that anyone who’s been injured in the line of duty—military, law enforcement or first responder—they and their family train with us for $1 a month,” he says.

That program has since grown, and last year CrossFit Rubicon hosted the 2012 Working Wounded Games, a competition for amputees and severely wounded veterans. Workouts included one-arm sled pulls and seated wall-ball shots.

Calling someone an “adaptive athlete” is the highest form of praise at CrossFit Rubicon, Wallach says.

“It’s their capacity to adapt and overcome far greater than any of what we would call able-bodied athletes that puts them above and beyond any of the commitment, any of the focus and any of the achievement that I’ve ever seen done by an athlete that has all their limbs,” he explains.

Video by Gary Roberts.

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Additional reading: Serving the Soldiers by Brian Wilson, published April 16, 2012.

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15 Comments on “Evolution of Adaptation”


wrote …

All I can say is F ing motivating! Your never dead until your dead! God bless and thank the wounded warriors, and all of the athletes.


wrote …

This was the most amazing and inspiring video I've ever experienced. I love all of you and dont ever, ever stop picking up heavy things :)


wrote …



wrote …

Another example of the importance of a positve "can do" attitude. Utterly inspiring and humbling. Keep it up and thank you.


wrote …

Truly inspiring.


wrote …

Thank you for sharing this! It is so motivating and touching to see what Crossfit can do for the mind, body and soul.


dylan farr wrote …

Emotional to watch... I feel like a bitch because I'm over gained and my back is flaring. Very inspiring

Much respect to their attitude


wrote …

Incredibly inspiring!


Conan Bruce wrote …


Great video! Awesome job capturing that great event. Big props to Chef, Brian and all the volunteers and athletes that participated. You guys rock!



wrote …

Chef you have my full respect.


wrote …

Powerful. A resounding example and look into a life changing community. Bravo.


wrote …

Amazing video!!!!! The message this video delivers is super important for individuals to understand. I'm an active duty military member and watched this video with the men and women I serve with and it was awesome to see their faces after the video was done


wrote …

Very cool!


wrote …

One of the most motivating videos I have seen on the "journal" to date. Nice work to Rubicon and God Bless our adaptive athletes.


wrote …

Hands down one of the most inspiring videos I've watched to date! I'm even more excited to head down to Rubicon in the next two weeks. That guy is one hell of an awesome coach!

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