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Food for Thought by Chip Johnston - CrossFit Journal

Food for Thought

By Chip Johnston

In Nutrition, The CrossFit Life

January 17, 2013

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Nutrition is a key part of CrossFit, but many trainers shy away from discussing eating habits. Chip Johnston thinks that’s a huge mistake.

We often say in CrossFit, “Nutrition is the foundation.”

Everyone—even people who don’t do CrossFit—has experienced a situation where nutrition positively or negatively affected his or her physical or psychological performance.

We ask our athletes a host of questions when they enter our affiliates. Do you have any injuries? What is your previous athletic or fitness experience? What are your perceived strengths and weaknesses? Why did you join a CrossFit affiliate? What are your goals?

It only makes sense that we would ask some questions about our athletes’ eating habits.

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2 Comments on “Food for Thought”


wrote …

Good points. I will begin focusing a bit more on the benefits of proper nutrition with my clients.


wrote …

The very sad thing about this is that in many states it is against the law to advise on nutrition if you are not a registered dietitian. Blows my mind.

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