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Rich Froning Jr.’s So-Called Life: Parts 1-5 by Rich Froning Jr. - CrossFit Journal

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January 05, 2013

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For the fittest man on Earth, life is pretty normal: a wife, a dog, a house.

In Part 1 of this five-part series, we get inside Rich Froning Jr.’s Tennessee home and learn more about the man who this year became the first two-time CrossFit Games champion.

For starters, Froning’s wife, Hillary, doesn’t do CrossFit.

“She’s good for me. Keeps me level-headed, that’s for sure,” Rich says. “Very supportive of what I do but doesn’t care anything about it, which is good … ’cause then I don’t have to worry about how well I do for her.”

In Part 2, the 25-year-old reveals that he’s a nervous wreck before competitions.

“I hate it. I hate competing. I don’t know why I do it,” he says. But as soon as he hears the word “Go!” the nerves vanish.

In Part 3, Froning shares his thoughts on defending his CrossFit Games crown in 2012.

“It’s not that you have to be the best at anything; you just can’t suck at anything. I sucked at a rope climb and what happened?” he says, referencing his 2010 performance at the Games, when he finished second partially due to a lack of efficient technique on rope climbs. “CrossFit’s not just a physical thing. It’s more mental, I think. I’m sure there’s people out there way fitter than me, physically—but mentally and physically ... .”

In Part 4, get a closer look at the real life of a fitness celebrity as Froning explains a bacon explosion and argues with his wife over a bee sting and a fever blister.

In Part 5, the couple has playful arguments over how to stain the kitchen table and Froning’s bathroom habits. Next, we catch a glimpse of the athlete playing flag football and even meet Froning’s mom, Janice.

“I’m just so proud of him,” she says. “He’s just so naturally gifted. He loves what he does, and he’s excelled at it that it makes it just surreal to watch, especially to the level that it’s at.”

Video by Jordan Gravatt.

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 236 by Justin Judkins, published Aug. 8, 2012.

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30 Comments on “Rich Froning Jr.’s So-Called Life: Parts 1-5”


wrote …

Good to see that Rich is a down to earth, normal guy with a normal wife. Always amazes me how much athletes are admired in our society, even more so than teachers and doctors.


wrote …

I think this video captures so many of the great things about both Rich and Crossfit. Rich is clearly a strong christian, whose faith directs his life. He is humble in all that he does, even while being called the fittest man on Earth. Crossfit is open to everyone, and the community is not going to put political correctness ahead of it's people. Let's see another fitness community focus this much attention on an athlete who is strong in his convictions without questioning his motives. Good luck on the three-peat Rich. ...and God bless.


wrote …

Needless to say I am very impressed. Best of luck Rich.


wrote …

It would be hard to put a better face to CrossFit and Reebok than Rich Fronig. His #1 ranking goes beyond being the fittest on earth. A great example .


wrote …

Rich is a down to earth guy. Great video!!


wrote …

It certainly doesn't suck to be Rich Froning. Great video! More proud of his Christian witness than of his Fran time. Although i would love to have his Fran time.....


wrote …

Awesome video and it is clear that RIch is just a great person. With everything going on since becoming he Fittest on Earth, he has not let that go to his head. Rich, go for the 3peat.


wrote …

so proud of you Rich ,representing Jesus !


wrote …

This is exactly what I enjoy about CrossFit...working hard and being humble. As a middle aged man of 3 boys, I am working very hard to improve myself. I'll never be the fittest man on earth, but I will practice CrossFit as though I am, and be an example to my sons. Plus it is just plain FUN to watch what all of the amazing CrossFitters.


wrote …

Great video again, only request is for the interviewers to start wearing a mic too, it's frustrating playing volume yo-yo trying to hear the question then racing to turn the vol down so you don't get blown away by the answer. Once again, love the content. Keep it coming


wrote …

Highly motivating!
"Keep the Faith," my Brothers and Sisters.


wrote …

What's the name of the song at the end of Part 4 - when Rich is "lifting something heavy?"


replied to comment from David Hudson

The ending is sick. I want to know the name of that song as well.


wrote …

Yes! What is the song? Great edit, especially that ending


wrote …

Very impressed to see how normal an extraordinary person can be !!


wrote …

@Part-3 Rich, please build a lake jump and post footage of you launching into the pond. That would make my day!


wrote …

To Rich and Hillary (and Dan, the lodger!), thanks for allowing Jordan Gravatt and his camera into your lives. I think Hillary may be the secret ingredient to your success, Rich, and why you'll likely make it three-in-a-row at the CF Games this year. Stay happy and strong. :o)


wrote …

Like: Rich Froning's witness to Jesus Christ. It's awesome to see several elite CrossFitters speaking openly about their faith. Rich understands that faith in anything other than the cross is sinking sand.
Dislike: The videos either need to be edited down and be much shorter or the questions needs to be better. I feel this is a missed opportunity to ask the undisputed champion of our sport a lot of great questions. A lot of this is just really uninteresting.


wrote …

I would say that wath impresses me most about Rich Fronning is how humble and grounded he is. It was fun/ funny to see him interact with his wife of course but also good to see that real part of his life... he's not 100% crossfit and that's great too. As a father and husband first myself, it will be interesting to see how his life will change when they have children. He seems well balanced and that is the challange with parenting, in my opinion.
Best of luck to both Dan and Rich in the upcoming Games.
I would like to see more of a day in the life type video of what Rich's days and weeks are like. How much does he sleep, eat, workout, help out around the house, etc.?


wrote …

What a stand up guy. Rich is the real deal, no doubt.


wrote …

That's a good dude right there.


wrote …

Great video to see the real side of RF. All the ballers, soccer players and 'elite' athletes she be shown this video on how to conduct yourself and be a role model in society!
No flashy cars,women, houses! Very humble guy


wrote …

Very awesome. Love to see an elite athlete in the public eye who holds true to his Christian faith, even when the cameras are rolling. One of the reasons I always liked Tebow regardless of everyone's criticisms. These videos are definitely motivation to me being new to CF.


Jordan Gravatt wrote …

Hey everyone,
Thanks for the kind words on this video series. I had a lot of fun making it. Big shout out to Jon Gilbert who helped me film. Here is a link to the song that you all are asking about. It's a piece that we use from paid library of uncopy written music.


wrote …

Definitivamente un gran hombre de Reino y un ejemplo a seguir!
Rich, Dios te ha Honrado porque Tú lo Honraste primero a Él. Mis mejores
deseos para Tí y tu hermosa familia. Sigue así y el cielo será el limite!!!


wrote …

ANCHORMAN. The "Diversity" joke is from Anchorman! I got you, Rich


wrote …

Rich, love ya man. Now put you damn seatbelt on.


wrote …

what an amazing athlete, person and husband. You are blessed and it is inspiring to see you perform and to reach goals. Keep up the great work and keep on enjoying your life and your beliefs.


wrote …

great series, hope to see more. Faith, and Crossfit. Awesome


wrote …

I have so much respect for Rich Froning and Dan Bailey. They are great role models. I would feel completely comfortable with my younger brothers having them for role models on and off the court, you can't say that about many athletes nowadays. Good luck to both of you!!!

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