Snatching From the Blocks

By Doug Chapman

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January 07, 2013

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Doug Chapman, coach to 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games second-place finisher Julie Foucher, doesn’t talk about a shrug or an elbow pull when he teaches the snatch.

“The reason is I have your mind going in too many flippin’ places,” explains the owner of HyperFit USA/CrossFit Ann Arbor.

His cues are simple: “I want you to dip and I want you to catch,” Chapman says.

Next, he starts a workout where athletes are snatching from the blocks. With plates on, the barbell should start at or above the knee with a nearly vertical shin, he advises. Also important is light contact between bar and body. If the bar isn’t swept back to the body in the start position on the blocks, the athlete is just creating bad patterns or setting up for a miss.

“That bar should basically start on your body,” Chapman says. “If you’re out here, you’ve already screwed up the lift, man.”

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7 Comments on “Snatching From the Blocks”


Sabine Weijers wrote …

Excellent tutorial, I thought I was the only one with my mind going in too many flippin’ places :-)


wrote …

This is great. I love watching different teaching styles in order to better coach my athletes. Sometimes they may not get what I get and the minute they hear it a different way the light bulb goes off. This is very helpful!


Hollis Molloy wrote …

Great Video! Informative and entertaining. Doug is the man. More please!


wrote …

I see a lot of heels leaving the floor when this was being executed but no cue as to what to do to counteract it. If you keep the bar closer to your body, is the natural result you staying on your heels? How do you keep them glued to the floor exactly?


wrote …

Simplicity is the mark of a real expert. If someone can take the snatch and whittle it down to "dip" and "catch," they know they sh!t.

This video definitely is making look at my cues to see what I can simplify.


wrote …

Great video. Love his shirt.


replied to comment from james darden

By keeping the bar close to your body you will stay on your heels. If you find your self up on your toes it is most likely because the bar is too far out in front of you and is therefore pulling you forward.
Keep the bar close and your shoulders back.

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