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Coach B and the Clean by Mike Burgener - CrossFit Journal

Coach B and the Clean

By Mike Burgener

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January 23, 2013

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At this CrossFit Invictus Training Camp, longtime Olympic-weightlifting coach Mike Burgener works with one athlete who is not reaching full hip extension and is therefore being pulled forward by the bar. Coach Burgener explains the height of the bar is often less important than the speed with which an athlete can pull under it.

If athletes “lose connection” between the time of hip explosion and getting under bar, Burgener says he tells them to “keep pulling as they’re going down because pulling on that bar as I’m going underneath the bar is critical.”

At that point, the athlete begins cleaning from just above the knee. Burgener advises him to shrug and let the shoulders lead him down under the bar.

“You gotta shrug down and around that bar,” he tells him. “As I’m doing the shrug under, I’m not trying to pull the bar up, I’m trying to shrug myself down under the bar.”

Coach Burgener illustrates the point with pictures and video, and the overall message is clear: finish the second pull by extending the hips, then pull under the bar like a junk-yard dog.

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3 Comments on “Coach B and the Clean ”


wrote …

Being fast is really the real key to beat gravity! I suspect that coach B's training tip can only be used on a medium to heavy bar, otherwise the athlete's shrug will pull the bar backwards and make him lose his balance, correct? This kind of coaching really shows the enormous talent of this man. Greece shows respect to him!


wrote …

I always learn something new every time I watch Coach B. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Coach.


wrote …

Great video, now I know what I did wrong. Thanks Coach B ;)

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