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By Joe Alexander

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January 02, 2013

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Joe Alexander is a flowmaster for CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Courses, and he loves teaching.

“The most passionate thing about CrossFit for me is it allows me to compress many different interests I have into one entity,” says Alexander, whose academic background is in psychology and neuroscience. He’s also coach to 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games second-place finisher Matt Chan.

“This allows me to do something that I believe is genuinely leaving a positive footprint on humanity,” he adds.

Alexander is also a husband with a 1-year-old baby and can sometimes be seen playing the classical guitar.

As a Level 1 Seminar Staff member, he says he is able to combine his love of teaching with his educational background.

“It feels like CrossFit picked me more than I picked it,” he explains.

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9 Comments on “Meet Joe Alexander”


wrote …

Solid Guy !

We miss you both at the beach.



wrote …

He is what made the experience at my Cert awesome! Defiantly a great fit for the job!


wrote …

Great guy and great Level 1 Instructor. Now I know why he enjoyed the Mariachis so much in Tucson!

Keep up the good work and have fun with the little one.


wrote …

Joe rocks


wrote …

What a great Dad!
Very motivating.


wrote …

he did my L1 and he was hilarious, good dude


wrote …

Great instructor, was one of my Level 1 eye openers. Very passionate about CrossFit and awesome motivator. Good to see stories about guys like Joe whose impact is reaching out to thousands now through those who were lucky enough to have him at their cert. He also ate a glob of strawberry butter at our Saturday night dinner in the middle of nutrition discussion!!


wrote …

Great video. Felt like it showed who Joe is a bit outside of Crossfit.

had 1 question: what's with the word "vagina" at 3:23? random!


wrote …

"Everybody in group 5 you might want to warm up."

Thanks for the great course Joe

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