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By Karl Steadman

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Karl Steadman took the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course about eight years ago at CrossFit Brand X in Ramona, Calif.

“We emailed Jeff Martin and said, ‘We’re coming out. Can you recommend any places to stay? He’s like, ‘Holy shit, you’re comin’ all the way from the U.K.? You’re staying with us,’” Steadman recounts of the CrossFit Brand X co-owner. “It was something that never stopped—this idea of paying it forward.”

The act was quintessential CrossFit, explains the owner of Reebok CrossFit 3D. It’s easy to relate to others—no matter where they live on the planet—when you have a common bond, Steadman adds.

“Everybody knows that the 15s of Fran suck, but if you can get through them, you get a fast time. So you immediately have this instant connection no matter where you are in the world,” says the Level 1 Seminar Staff member. “Accents can change, faces change, CrossFit doesn’t.”

Today, Steadman draws his identify from CrossFit. His wife, best friends and even his 2-year-old do CrossFit.

“It’s not just what I do,” he says. “It defines me.”

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13 Comments on “Meet Karl Steadman”


wrote …

Karl has been my coach at L1 certification in Parma (Italy).

Simply the best!!

Keep on this way Karl!!

I hope one day we could train and (why not?!) work together!


wrote …

The L1 certification with Karl was really great. Best wishes for him!!


wrote …

Was at my L1 cert in Norway. Top top man and a great coach. !


EC S wrote …


Have no clue what you said, but good to see you on here ;)


wrote …

Steadders, you're reet brill, you!!!


wrote …

Agreed karl run a top Cert 1 course with a great team Denise!


wrote …

I had the pleasure of learning from Karl at my L1. We got lucky because had a small mainly military only class it was very one on one with him and the other two coaches. He is a great coach and is very knowledgeable in every facet of what goes into the course that it makes you want it to be longer then 2 days.


wrote …

I met Karl at the Tony Blauer PDR cert. in Lancaster 2010. We chatted and he said that he didn't know martial arts, but was into CrossFit. I was into martial arts, and had no clue as to what CrossFit was. But ok the guy was nice, fit and could move as good as anyone else there, so cool.

At some point the teaching went to multiple attackers, and Coach Blauer asked who would fight against two people; every body raised their hand, three, a few hands went down, four, that is where my hand came down. Karl was the only one still standing with his hand raised. Coach Blauer looked at him and Karl said "That if the fight is on he would try his best".
That is what CrossFit does to you. Makes you try your best even against the odds. That is when I decided that I had to do CrossFit
Thank you, Karl for that lesson. Hope to see you again soon.


Jeff Martin wrote …

It's been a long time since fish tacos and rope climbs. Proud to know you and call you friend.


Olly Goddard wrote …

One of the best representatives of the CrossFit community that I've ever met.


wrote …

I met Karl at my certification seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark!
He definitely applies to the rule "Have fun!"

Wish you all the best, Karl!

Drasko from Serbia!


wrote …

Karl's lead for his international team of Coaches here in Yongsan, Seoul S.Korea was simply amazing; Great teacher and mentor!

Thanks from a future (and hopeful) CF Coach...I just need to do my time in the Box and "step into it" ;-)

Tim Hale - 65 MED BDE!
Isaiah 40:28~31...SOAR, RUN and WALK, but not grow weary!


wrote …

outstanding coach, great person, learn a lot from you my friend

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