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While good technique is important, you simply need a certain amount of strength to perform a strict handstand push-up. Luckily, there are all kinds of ways to build that strength.

Laurie Galassi of CrossFit Santa Cruz shows several in this video, including a piked handstand push-up. The next step involves a handstand and partial range-of-motion reps to a pile of AbMats. Galassi reduces the number of reps in each set as she reduces the height of the pile.

As the reps get tougher, it’s key to “really hold those ribs in,” Galassi notes.

After you reach a point where only 1 rep is possible, Galassi recommends reversing the process and building the pile back up to accumulate some volume.

Video by Hollis Molloy.

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7 Comments on “Gymnastics Tips With Laurie Galassi: The Strict Handstand Push-Up”


wrote …

Great video, I can't wait to try it


wrote …

Is there a video for the muscle up. in the intro there is a small bit from the floor and showing big hips. I would love to watch that.


wrote …

Great video and I would also like to see the muscle up video if there is one. Thanks.


wrote …

I agree with you all. I would love to learn about that drill w/MU. Laurie has done a tutorial on the MU, but that drill wasn't in there.

Keep bring more videos by Laurie!


wrote …

Here is the link for the MU by Laurie.


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wrote …

If you want a sense of accomplishment, this progression will work. If you want a strict hspu, then perform heavy presses. No one got a heavy back squat doing knee bends.
Since this movement is not heavily skill based, I like to approach this as any other strength program (progressive overload, full ROM, etc)

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