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January 07, 2013

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Sleep expert Rowan Minnion suggests getting more sleep could pay off in PRs. Emily Beers reports.

When it comes to getting to bed on time and staying in dreamland long enough each night, it seems many of us suffer from “retrospective bias.”

Retrospective bias is a term used in psychology to explain the phenomenon that describes why people tend to remember the past differently than it actually played out, often by romanticizing it into something it wasn’t. It might explain why people continue to booze hard: they forget how bad a hangover feels. Retrospective bias is probably also the reason people continue to order sweet-and-sour pork.

In the case of sleep, we often forget how lousy we feel when we don’t get enough. So our retrospective bias keeps us up at night staring at computer screens and TVs, getting second and third winds when our bodies should be sleeping.

But if we drill it into our minds that proper sleep does more important things than just make us feel refreshed in the morning, maybe we’d make it a bigger priority.

Much of the science about sleep is still unknown, but there are emerging theories that connect good sleep not only to overall health but also to improved athletic performance.

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4 Comments on “Make Your Life Better: Get Horizontal”


wrote …

I buy into sleep being good, im just not that good at falling to sleep. I'd be interested to know what works?


wrote …

Good article Em. I agree with John, I wonder if the sleep experts have any advice on how to optimize sleep.


Michael Saveth wrote …

Awesome read! I've been trying to work on this.


wrote …

Athletes I have found ZMA taken 30 minutes on an empty stomach prior to sleep to be effective for a good night's sleep. I also eat a heavy carb meal which releases serotonin and fuels my morning workout! Stay strong!

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