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January 15, 2013

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If it’s Sunday and it’s football season, expect to see a tailgate party at CrossFit Ocean Beach.

Festivities are complete with the game projected onto the gym wall, as well as grass-fed bison burgers and salads garnished with heirloom mushrooms cooked on the grill by member Peter Servold, owner of Pete’s Premade Paleo.

Anyone who wants to watch the game is invited, Coach Eric Gohl says.

“We get to hang out, eat some good food and get a WOD in as well,” he says.

Member Megan Barnett, who is in the U.S. Navy, says CrossFit Ocean Beach reminders her of being in a squadron.

“(It’s) a group of people who you actually want to hang out with and you want to go do stuff with,” she explains. “We have Girls Day. Girls Day is great. Once a month, all the girls get together and we do a WOD and then we go do brunch. It’s usually bottomless mimosas somewhere.”

Ultimately, special events like tailgate parties and Girls Day are all part of building a great community at an affiliate.

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That's awesome. I'm always ecstatic with the family atmosphere.

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