Sprint Mechanics Part 1: Upper Body

By John Welbourn, Cali Hinzman, Ben Oliver, Luke Summers

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January 19, 2013

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Ben Oliver of CrossFit Football breaks down sprint mechanics by focusing first on the upper body.

He begins with the seated arm swing, in which he has athletes start with the right hand at the front cheek and the left hand punching back behind the butt.

“We have to understand that posture. We can develop that posture in the weight room. We can also develop it by just doing this,” says Oliver, showing that the shoulder blades must be squeezed together during the movement.

Next is the kneeling arm swing.

“Hand position, driving up, or our punch position, is gonna control what? Your opposite knee and how high it goes … ,” Oliver notes. “The harder I can drive my hand up, the faster my feet are going to turn.”

Then it’s on to the standing arm swing, after which Luke Summers takes the group through several running warm-ups with high knees.

During the drill, he’s looking for two things: “Good arm swing (and) nice, elevated high knee.”

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Additional reading: Acceleration Mechanics by Karl Geissler and John Baumann, published April 1, 2006.

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7 Comments on “Sprint Mechanics Part 1: Upper Body”


wrote …

amazing, how real powerful athletes seem to get weaker in their explosive ability, when coordination and movements they're not used to come into place. very interesting!


wrote …

I have been having similar results after shoulder surgery. Physical therapy did very little for me, however learning proper push up technique and external rotation on the overhead squat has made my shoulder more flexible and stable.


wrote …

Great to see the CFFB staff getting some love on the journal. Learned a lot of transferable pertinent information and skills from a fun group of people.


wrote …

Soo smart. thank you.


Patrick Newton wrote …

I haven't been to a CrossFit Football seminar yet... How much time is spent during the weekend talking about running? Aren't there other specialty seminars out there that focus on running?


wrote …

Good stuff! Ready for more.


wrote …

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