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February 12, 2013

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We’re only starting to realize the potential early CrossFit training can unlock.

Former CrossFit Kids Chris Fabian, Meredith Prinz and Tyler Jordan are certain their CrossFit experience has prepared them for training at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo.

At the academy, about 4,400 cadets train for four years, and most receive commissions as second lieutenants upon graduation. Entrance to the academy requires a nomination, often from a member of Congress, and candidates must have high academic scores and a well-rounded resume that usually includes athletics participation.

Fabian is the combat conditioning cadet in charge at the Academy and the head trainer at the military affiliate Falcon CrossFit.

To get to Falcon CrossFit’s space, you actually have to walk through an aerobics room filled with elliptical machines and treadmills, then step through a hobbit-sized door leading to a racquetball court packed with CrossFit gear.

“CrossFit allows you to perform better under pressure and to step up and be a leader in times of physiological stress,” Fabian says.

Prinz says CrossFit has contributed to her success at the academy.

“I was so glad I had done CrossFit before,” she says. “One thing girls are expected to do is pull-ups, and I could not do a pull-up when I started CrossFit. And now I can do about five dead hang. I can kip until infinity now.”

Fabian trained with original CrossFit Kid Connor Martin at CrossFit Brand X, owned by Jeff and Mikki Martin, and now he has the chance to improve the fitness of his military peers at Falcon CrossFit. That importance of that opportunity isn’t lost on the 21-year-old.

“When we train at a CrossFit Kids box, we’ve got to realize that these kids are going to be our future trainers,” Fabian says.

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2 Comments on “Air Force Wonders: CrossFit Kids ”


wrote …

One thing that wasn't brought up in the video is how the CF cadets are doing on the Aerobic Fitness test (AFT) and Physical Fitness Test (PFT). The freshman mentioned that she could do 5 deadhang pullups, which would be a good score on that event (1 in the min, 8 is the max last I checked). The reason I ask is because those two tests are the athletic "figures of merit" and are what cadets are actually graded on fitness-wise. If the cadets are interested in expanding their program, getting more funding, etc., they're going to want to be able to give those numbers to their leadership.


wrote …

last year, we attempted to get more funding from the athletic department, but there are a lot of politics to be played at usafa. Particularly, certain individuals believe that Crossfit is a circus show. To answer your question, yes, comparative AFT and PFT scores were used in the package submitted, but no additional funding resulted from this request. In fact this past January, the facility used in the video was demolished, and at the current time, there is no facility on USAFA that cadets have access to to use as a Crossfit gym. The one good outcome that came out of the efforts last year, was the establishment of a reconditioning program cadets with deficient AFT or PFT scores run by Crossfit cadets that are L1 certified . The merits of this experiment are still being analyzed.

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