Feet First

By Bill Starr

In Coaching, Olympic Lifts, Powerlifting

February 22, 2013

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Bill Starr explains why the feet are the key to almost any lift.

Oddly enough, few strength athletes think about their feet when performing an exercise—but they should.

Seldom do people even think about their feet unless something goes wrong with them. Stub a toe badly and you will suddenly understand how important that part of your foot is for locomotion and any other athletic movement.

The feet play a critical role in nearly every movement in the weight room. In a nutshell, every lift starts with the feet. On the more complicated lifts, such as cleans, snatches and jerks, the feet play an ever-greater role.

Experienced runners know that running starts in the hands. Those who understand strength training know that weightlifting starts in the feet. Before you do any exercise, take a moment and bring your feet into the mix. That simple step will pay huge dividends.

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2 Comments on “Feet First ”


wrote …

interesting! they teach you about weight placement in your feet during olympic lifts when you get your USAW certifications but i never really thought about the application in situps and less dynamic movements. thanks for the information!


wrote …

Good article. Maybe this can get me to my 300 pound bench.

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