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February 04, 2013

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First it was an archery range, then it was a shooting range. Today, it’s a CrossFit affiliate. But before all that, CrossFit Forward was housed in Lindsay Williams’ home.

“I made a glorified gym in my garage and then started from there, and within six months I’d grown to over 50 athletes,” explains the co-owner of CrossFit Forward in Fredericksburg, Va.

Today, the box has about 130 members from their late 20s all the way up to their 60s.

Tiffany Phelps is among them. A former long-distance runner, Phelps had an injury she was nursing when she heard about CrossFit.

“A friend of mine did CrossFit and said, ‘Oh, you oughta come try it. They’ll work around your injuries and it’s a really good workout,’” she recounts. “And I tried it and have loved it since Day 1. There’s nothing that compares to this.”

Video by Mike Donofrio.

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3 Comments on “Box Tour: CrossFit Forward”


wrote …

It is very inspirational to read things like this.

I opened a gym in my one car garage on January 1st of this year. I've only got about 6-8 "regulars" that I train but I am loving it and reading things like this add even MORE fuel to my fire!


wrote …

Thank you for the video I myself am working on starting my own box in my town. Videos like these let me know its possible. WOD hard.


wrote …

Thanks for this video. It’s a good push for those of us trying to make the next step in our lives.

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