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February 18, 2013

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After a motorcycle accident involving another motorcycle, Jennifer Lazo was left with a compound fracture of her tibia, which was missing two inches, and a fibula that was cracked in half.

“After the initial surgery from the trauma team … the initial prognosis was one of two options,” recounts her husband, Vidal. The couple owns CrossFit Kingdom in Miami. The first option was simply that Jennifer’s left leg would be two inches shorter than her right—forever. The second option was more severe: amputation.

Vidal wasn’t willing to accept either, so he met with a University of Miami doctor and explained to him that his wife’s passion is CrossFit.

The doctor looked at Jennifer’s X-rays and CT scans, Vidal says, and made a promise: “I can make her run again.”

Today Jennifer is rowing, power cleaning and doing handstand push-ups, among other movements.

“CrossFit has helped my healing process in so many ways,” she says. “I remember every time the physical therapist would come to see me, she would be like, ‘You’re really strong.’”

Video by Michael Dalton.

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3 Comments on ““CrossFit Has Helped My Healing Process””


wrote …

This is why I crossfit.


wrote …

Great story. Never quit!


Paula Jager wrote …

Met you both at the CF Kids cert you hosted. So glad to hear of your continued progress--you are an quite an inspiration!

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