Bring the Noise

By Jon Dette

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February 26, 2013

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Heavy-metal drummer Jon Dette is currently filling in for Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante and Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo for both bands’ Australian shows. In an interesting twist, Dette played back-to-back headline sets with both legendary thrash groups on Feb. 25 in a true test of endurance.

Late last year, Dette posted to Facebook a picture of himself doing double-unders as a warm-up before hitting the skins, and it turns out the native of Carlsbad, Calif., trains at CrossFit San Elijo. He’s been a CrossFit athlete since 2010.

“CrossFit, it really pushes your intensity like nothing else, and since I’m continually pushing my intensity onstage, it was the perfect training … tool,” he says.

Dette, of course, isn’t delicately caressing a snare drum with brushes while a seated singer-songwriter soulfully plucks an acoustic guitar. Instead, he’s crushing tempos well above 200 beats per minute while tattooed Satanists scream about geysers of blood and masks made of skin. That requires fitness, and a firm commitment to evil.

“When I’m onstage, I’ll actually push my energy level like I’m doing a WOD. … I’ll just sit there and I’ll just beat the shit out of those things,” he says.

He adds: “What I love bout the style of music I play … is that it’s so compatible with CrossFit.

Editor’s note: Gym neighbors requested Dette lower the volume several times during the filming of this video.

Video by Jordan Gravatt.

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10 Comments on “Bring the Noise”


wrote …

The danger of that kind of drumming, if SPINAL TAP is any indication, is of course spontaneous human combustion - so no doubt CrossFit is saving yet another life.


wrote …

SLAYER!! See, I listen to Anthrax and Slayer during my workouts...things come full circle indeed.


wrote …

This just made my day! Thanks for sharing this


wrote …

That's awesome, thanks for the great video article


wrote …

Now THAT'S awesome!!!


Dustin Kreidler wrote …

YES! Anthrax and Slayer sets back to back? Having seen both the Big 3 (No Metallica) AND the Big 4 (with Metallica), both times with Charlie Benante and Dave Lombardo on drums, I can tell you that Jon Dette is a BEAST if he made it through both sets without suffering spontaneous human combustion! \m/


wrote …

Amazing! \m/


wrote …

I think he should get Scott Ian to do Fran to "belly of the beast" by anthrax!!!


wrote …

My Fran time will be at least two minutes slower if there is no screaming metal blasting!!!


wrote …

Great story! I'll bet he rocks (no pun intended) at double unders with all that shoulder and wrist speed!

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