The Kipping Handstand Push-Up

By Laurie Galassi

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The kipping handstand push-up is about using the power of your hip to help your arms, says gymnast and coach Laurie Galassi of CrossFit Santa Cruz.

The first step is to practice the hip explosion while simply lying on the floor.

“Lie on your back; pull you knees into your chest. I am curling my tailbone up off the ground, and you’re going to explode out of that position,” Galassi says.

The mistake athletes sometimes make is to bend the knees, leaving the heels at the butt for the attempted kip, she adds. Doing so doesn’t engage the hip.

“It’s gotta be knees to chest and extend out,” Galassi explains.

The athlete must not only kick up out of the kip but also squeeze on the way up, she notes.

“Like anything else, you’re going legs, then arms,” Galassi says. “If you jumble up that sequence, it doesn’t work.”

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Additional reading: The Freestanding Handstand Push-Up by Roger Harrell, published June 1, 2006.

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wrote …

Love anything by Laurie! More videos of her please!


wrote …

Aha! Coolio, the technique is shared! Thank you very much, Laurie and CFHQ for sharing the knowledge.


replied to comment from Jackson Yee

Yeah, she's such an amazing instructor. Every time she breaks down a movement it's like "sure, i can do that!"


wrote …

This technique is awesome!!! can't wait to share it with my athletes!!! thanks so much!!!


wrote …

Such a great explanation. Can't wait to try it....

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