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February 01, 2013

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Russ Laraway explains why he believes CrossFit literally saved his life.

In 2005, a doctor told me my blood pressure indicated I was looking at a possible stroke before the age of 40. After years of taking medication, I found CrossFit and am now completely off blood-pressure drugs.

It seems a drastic, dramatic and exaggerated statement to say CrossFit saved my life, but there are two reasons why it is true.

First, because of how CrossFit works—not only because routine is the enemy, but also because every time you work out, you have a chance to achieve something. It’s a sustainable program for me. Ellipticals and road biking and running and regular gyms are all my bane.

The second reason why I can say this, quite literally, is because of the diet insights that materialized at my CrossFit Level 1 Seminar. Seminar Staff member Russell Berger is a gifted teacher, and he compelled me to act to change my diet. I have no doubt my life has been extended as a result of this one session.

CrossFit has served as the foundation of a profound, though gradual, change in lifestyle and as the pathway to health.

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3 Comments on “Systolic: 140. Diastolic: 104. Impending stroke.”


wrote …

Thanks for the story Russ. Excellent read, to include incorporating the family into the CF lifestyle. Awesome !!


wrote …

Great story! Thanks for sharing and thank you Russ for your service to our great country.


wrote …

Thanks for sharing Russ. Great story!

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