A Tour of Buck’s Gym

By Allen Buck

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March 05, 2013

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Allen Buck’s home gym in Brentwood, Tenn., has equipment galore and a lot of character courtesy of old telephone poles embedded to create a pull-up/wall-ball rig, homemade GHDs, a pit for atlas stones, climbing walls, a prowler runway, over 20 feet of parallel bars, monkey bars ... and that’s just outside the actual gym. The property is also conveniently connected to a public park.

Buck, a 68-year-old anesthesiologist, has been hosting co-workers and friends for about four years at Buck’s Gym.

“We started doing workouts very similar to what I would read about in IronMind magazine,” he explains. “We had a visitor here one time that just told us it was very much like CrossFit, and I never even heard the word before.”

That day, Buck visited CrossFit.com.

“And the next day and from then ever since, my workouts have been all CrossFit,” he says.

These days, about 75 to 100 people come on a weekly basis to train at Buck’s home.

“I see partners of mine that I’ve worked with for years that would hardly speak to each other at work. But now they come in here and work out together and they’ve become best buddies,” he notes. “The CrossFit community is for real. It is a real thing. I just love these people.”

Video by Kyle Daniel.

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19 Comments on “A Tour of Buck’s Gym”


wrote …

Loved the tour Dr. Buck. Great gym, great ethos. I imagine you are an inspiration to so many....I was inspired just watching....thanks.


wrote …

One of the best boxes I've ever seen!


wrote …

That's how a CrossFit box should be! Great box tour!


wrote …

Mr. Buck,
You give me Hope. I'm 52, been into CrossFit since 2006. It is my passion, and I know deep inside that the surest way to find professional happiness is to do what you love. Just can't seem to get there from here...yet. Thanks for the Lifeline.


wrote …

GREAT Video.... SOOOO much great stuff to play with at Buck's Gym. WOW!!! parallel bars, monkey bars, various ropes, great areas to do different movements, and all seem perfectly suited. RIGHT NEXT DOOR to a large public park... what a great great asset. Love the tires, and the home made equipment. I have been in some good affiliates, but this has a great warm feeling to it. You should be proud because it seems like you are doing everything right, and all for the right reasons. Health, well being, fitness, wellness!
Congratulations on an amazing gym and what sounds like a fantastic community that you've built.


wrote …

I have told my wife that one day I would like to open my own garage gym to the public, and more specifically FAMILIES. I would love to see parents and children come together and work together and share in working out and the constant search and effort of improvement, fun and enjoying movement. I think that would be a very good feeling to play a part in improving the community where i live and both my children and their friend's health and well being, as well as to help them be fit and healthy and ENJOY exercise, for life.
Thanks again Buck for an inspirational video.


wrote …

This is unbelievable!

That location, that equipment... all of that is like a dream come true right in your own backyard!

Keep up the great work!


wrote …

Great box and thank you Doc!


wrote …

That's some layout. A great use of all that property as well as providing a place for people who otherwise wouldn't be doing too much moving. I was very impressed with all the DIY stuff. You may very well outgrow that spot unless you purchase more land next to you to expand.


wrote …

Doc, That is the finest home “box” to date truly I ever seen! And here I have a lot of the same stuff, but yours is on steroids. I like to share and willing to go the extra mile, but no one in my area is interested. So at 70 years, I got the “guns” and strength, but no one is up for that style of training. Planet fitness globo crap is their salvation. Doc you’re the man!


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Buck!!!!! DUDE!!!!!! BRO!!!!!!!

Your gym is awesome, I now KNOW what I'll be doing when I move my gym into a home / barn!!!

You are awesome and I LOVE what U do, brutha!!!! LOVE!!!

I hope to visit one day if you're ever open to that!!!

Thank you, Sir!!!!


wrote …

This is amazing. I would totally work out with Buck!!


wrote …

This is so great! Talk about doing it right....Buck is an inspiration. When I grow up that's the gym I want to build!



wrote …

That is such an awesome gym!
Love the park access and all the great equipment.
Congrats on your success!


wrote …

@ Buck and Ken Wilson, great to see kindered spirits, I am a 66 yr old die hard fitness fanatic. Buck I am jealous of your layout, my little gym is similar but not near the room or amount of equipment. Ken, you, Buck and I know that the old cliche "age is just a number" is an absolute.....I am inspired to do what we do for as long as I can move. Note to Zach E., Bro your cert course has paid divendends, dude you are awesome!!


wrote …

Fantastic video; what a great inspiration Buck is!! That is what CrossFit is all about; a long, quality life and helping others.


Sabine Weijers wrote …

This is amazing! A playground for adults, i'd love to visit one day, way to go Buck!


wrote …

I've waited for some local input, and lacking that, I wanted to add the fact that this video despite it's length and detail, does not do justice to Bucks Gym. He has added additional, significant,thoroughly functional equipment since the video was done.There is nothing at this gym that is not put to use. There is a full length fire hose to run with, training ropes similar to what the MMA people use, 100+ lb "cheese wheels" for grip strength training, big punching bags.More stuff in the house basement we don't even get to use. You name it.

The time and effort programming workouts, and placing all participants' results every day without fail on a blog site is immense, and does not even consider a full workload and schedule keeping people asleep safely, long enough for us to finish their surgery( and wake them up). Pretty impressive.

The impetus here was obviously a passion for excellence, and equally, to improve people in every way possible, and not just the immediate circle of friends. A couple of years ago,I used to sneak out of the WODS, hoping no one would notice, because I couldn't complete them; being able to finish them, occasionally somewhat remotely competitively, has been a real victory for me. It's hard to think about not having a weekend to visit the gym and have some fun for an hour or two. It's also hard to fully thank someone like that. There are alot of persons like me out there with the same debt now, and I am very pleased the wider 'community' is now aware. It's a unique thing.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

@Gary Larrison - Thanks Brutha!!! Ironically, I am in Tx as we speak, a year since you took the Cert! Miss you, Gary, hope you are GREAT!!!!

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