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March 14, 2013

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The concept of awareness is to be able to enjoy your family and friends without worrying about “some nut comin’ in and bad shit happening,” says Tony Blauer of CrossFit Defense.

The goal is to improve perception speed and decrease reaction time.

In any restaurant, for example, Blauer says he chooses a spot where he can see the exits and most of the room.

If a confrontation were to occur, he notes that such items like forks, knives, spoons, and even salt and pepper shakers can be used in self-defense.

“The way to get an improvised weapon in your hands is to use the weapon—the improvised weapon—as it was intended before you turned it into a weapon,” Blauer explains.

Paranoia, he notes, is not what he’s advising.

“I really believe that when you think about this stuff, it kind of calms you,” Blauer says. “This is all preventative stuff.”

He adds: “Every person that ever got punched in the face in a restaurant, that ever got trapped in a fire … could have done something but they didn’t know what to look for and they had no idea where they were sitting or what the plan would be.”

Video by Dave Leys.

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