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March 26, 2013

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Fight Club was the beginning. Now it’s moved out of the basement and the box. It’s called The Chaos League.

You live in an orderly society for the most part. You are brought up learning rules and regulations for almost every situation. Obeying those rules, even mastering them, determines to a large degree how well you will navigate within the structures of society.

Order is good. Order is predictable. Order builds homes, neighborhoods and cities. Order allows you to climb the corporate ladder. Order gives you the sense that you are in control: play the game and everything will be OK. You can plan your future, and if you work hard, you can enjoy it in peace and quiet. Order is the eggshell that contains the hopes and dreams of your future.

Fire. Earthquake. Car crash. Mugger. Home invasion. Flood.


“Chaos is the law of nature; Order is the dream of man.” —Henry Adams

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6 Comments on “Chaos League: The Chaos 5000”


wrote …

Just when I was starting to think that CrossFit was only for podiums. Well. Done.


wrote …

CrossFit Flashmob as a semi-secret society. This is one of the most exciting ideas I've heard.


wrote …

Those are my peeps! Way to go guys!


wrote …

This is awesome! I love the more unconventional training like this and hearing what others are doing to keep it interesting. I'm part of a group that does something similar, but aimed more at preparing people for GoRuck Challenges, no car pushing (yet!). Good stuff, Rob! Keep it up....looking forward to seeing you again in BOI soon!


wrote …

I'm sold! I already love the way crossfit training is done in spartanly kitted out boxes and parking lots. This is the next step for sure. Awesome idea guys.


wrote …

Whatever floats your boat! Find it slightly immature, no offence intended.


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