From Crunches to Climax

By Emily Beers

In ExPhysiology

March 31, 2013

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Emily Beers examines the physiology of exercise-induced orgasms, and female CrossFit athletes open up and talk about them.

It was 1995, a time when crunches were the in-vogue ab exercise.

Wendy, desperate for a flat stomach to flaunt during the upcoming summer, started an abdominal routine in her living room. She told herself the monotony of the crunches would be well worth it.

“From pain will come pleasure,” Wendy remembers thinking.

Twenty, 25, 30 crunches into her routine, and suddenly her body started to feel hot in an interesting new way. The friction from the constant crunching started to stimulate her pelvic region. Thirty-five, 40, 45 crunches into the workout, Wendy kept getting closer to climax with each crunch.

At 52 crunches, her abdominal session ended abruptly—and involuntarily. She was flat on her back, breathing hard, her body half numb.

Wendy had just experienced her first crunch-induced orgasm.

In fact, it was her first orgasm ever.

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12 Comments on “From Crunches to Climax”


wrote …

Guys can orgasm mid workout too... don't ask me how I know... I just really love Fran


wrote …

I have experienced this. I noticed when I was younger doing rope climbs in gymnastics that things felt a little different. Rope climbs aren't generally what gets me now. The moves that are the worst for me are toes to bar, pull ups, and ring dips. The pull ups and dips effect me the most when I become fatigued and use more core when I kip. For me it is usually embarrassing, uncomfortable, and I have to stop to "rest".


wrote …

I look at this, then look at today's date and begin to wonder.


wrote …

Lol. Nice try! Risqué April Fools Joke but good one nonetheless.


wrote …

LOL. Somebody please come up with a new list of marketing/t shirt slogans.....if it is true obesity rates ought to be dropping fast.


replied to comment from Chase Irons

Haghh I did a Heavy Fran today...pretty sure im going to require several days of recovery first.....


replied to comment from Mark Harris

Check out the link to the very real study, it's not a joke!


wrote …

Is there any connection perhaps between this phenomenon and losing control or cognition for a split second? As example: Have any women seemingly lost cognition at the point of involuntary exercise-induced orgasm? Has anyone ever 'fallen' off a pullup bar, or rope, or box...? Or, simply, let go without knowing it because an orgasm was happening and maybe they weren't aware?

Also, what is the difference between orgasm related urination and loose kegels from childbirth? Or are the two interrelated?

~Mark's wife =)


According to the peer-reviewed literature and several therapists I've talked with this is a very real effect. Most people experience embarrassment, but other than that no real problems associated with it. From a neurophsyiological perspective it seems to me like one possibility is an individual with a rather sensitive internal clitoral structure (the clitoris is not just an external anatomical substrate, but actually is well-represented on the internal walls of the pelvic area). Assertive movement in this area can activate it below the surface; additionally contractile force of the muscles engaged in core exercises could disengage the contractile inhibitory responses of the musculature around the internal features of the clitoris. Both of these conditions could, hypothetically, produce an increased probability of orgasmic potential.

This is a really good article and writ-up and I like the link/suggestion to a better understanding of rape-induced orgasm; a situation in which a female would likely be fighting an attacker and one of the things we can assume she might be doing is forcibly contracting her pelvic and abdominal muscles in a functional attempt to evade forcible copulation. This creates a very similar situation to that one I described above. The science mind in me has so many questions and ideas about research....


wrote …

No joke here, A triathlete friend of mine can climax when doing toe touches while lying on her back, feet up in the air. Lucky her...


wrote …

This is ridiculous, everyone knows the female orgasm is one of the world's great myths. ;)


wrote …

thats what i call an awesome side effect of fitness

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