The Kipping Muscle-Up

By Laurie Galassi

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Channeling the power of the hip can be tricky when it comes to the muscle-up.

“I think that most people understand you’ve got to have a good amount of pulling strength, full range, and a deep dip with a great amount of dipping strength. I think getting the hip involved to learn the kipping muscle-up is a little bit more complicated,” says gymnast and CrossFit Santa Cruz coach Laurie Galassi.

To help athletes understand how to get the hips involved, she has them lie on their backs, pull their knees into their chests and then explosively open their hips with their butts as high as possible.

“Imagine if you could freeze your hip at the height it’s at right now and sit yourself up over your hip—kind of like a reverse Slinky going up the stairs,” Galassi explains.

The next drill has a couple of prerequisite skills: an ability to hold yourself at the bottom of a ring dip and to stabilize yourself at the top.

“We’re going to take the explosive hip opening and put it on the rings,” Galassi says. “The goal is to activate that hip and get a boost out of it.”

Video by Hollis Molloy.

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Additional reading: The Muscle-Up by Greg Glassman, published Nov. 1, 2002.

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7 Comments on “The Kipping Muscle-Up”


wrote …

Wow, I am so impressed with Laurie's fresh and inventive take on teaching a very difficult CF movement. I love these two drills and will try them out soon. Keep bring more videos by Laurie! She's amazing!



wrote …

Love it!! I don't have gymnastic back ground, so I like her ideas and skills practice. These are great skills practice for non gymnastic athletes. Thank you so much for posting. We want to see '' Bar MUs'' skills next time.


wrote …

Excellent progressions :
1. Stretch gluteus and hamstring.
2. neuromuscular shortening of stretched gluteus and hamstring with synchronized
release energy stored in stretched actin and myosin of gluteus and hamstring.

Exactly same SSC(stretch and shortening cycle) utilized in Laurie Galassi's kipping handstand
push up.

Thanks for innovative design of progression for this difficult body movement of muscle up.


wrote …

Wow, love this instruction. The demo at the end was incredibly effortless looking. Can't wait to try out this progression.
I've done 3 in the past. Singles. But never got the hip into it like with this progression approach. I have to believe that this is "the correct" approach to the kipping MU.
Thank you!

Once again, the CF Journal, best $25 ever spent.


Michael Saveth wrote …

Awesome! I needed to see this. I’ve been crossfitting for 1 1/2 years and STILL can’t get a MU....13.3 was very irritating for me but I will practice this!!!


wrote …

Great video and progressions! We used this the other day in the Skill work time for all of our classes with MU practice and it helped 2 people get their first several muscle ups. Several others also improved their existing MU technique by leveraging their hips more in the kip and turnover. Thanks!


wrote …

Blown away... I will begin to work this into my routine. You ladies Rock!!

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