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March 30, 2013

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Bryan Danard represents the third generation of his family to be in the business of buying and selling cattle at Calgary Stockyards Ltd. in Alberta, Canada.

When he found CrossFit and later became co-owner of CrossFit Ramsay, it was a natural fit to offer grass-fed beef to affiliate members at a cost that was cheaper than the local butcher.

“It really just sort of formed that whole notion of community, bringing your outside interests to the inside of the box, making it available for everyone to take advantage of for the betterment of the community,” explains Ken Andrukow, also a co-owner of CrossFit Ramsay.

And although some people think a livestock-marketing firm is a world apart from CrossFit, Danard disagrees.

“The cattle business and the CrossFit business are both real-life businesses that have lots of carryover back and forth,” he says, referencing nutrition and functional movement. “(The cattle business is) a very old-school, traditional industry where they’re up early, they work hard, they’re throwing the hay bales, they’re feeding the cattle, they’re shoveling grain, they’re shoveling manure, whatever it happens to be, and that work ethnic really translates into CrossFit.”

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wrote …

Awesome. Wish I lived close enough to buy their beef.

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