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April 04, 2013

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For Gary Roberts, best friend Harold Ryden represents his “baseline workout” in the real world. A former arm wrestler of 12 years, 39-year-old Ryden has beaten Roberts at everything.

“So as long as I’ve known Gary, he’s always been fat,” Ryden says. “And in those nine years (he) only got fatter.”

In this episode of Killing the Fat Man—called “Always the Fat Friend”—Roberts invites his friend to do a workout at Oceanside CrossFit.

“I will have beaten a demon that I have inside because when I’ve always looked at Harold, he’s always been the big guy. He’s always been better at everything than me,” Roberts says. “I never thought I could out-accomplish him at anything.”

The workout is a 10-minute AMRAP involving running, thrusters, sit-ups, burpees and knees-to-elbows. Ryden finishes several reps shy of two rounds. Roberts later completes four rounds plus six reps, beating even Coach Chris Sheets.

“This really shows how much Gary has improved,” Sheets says. “Gary’s never beat me in a workout—until today.”

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8 Comments on “Killing the Fat Man: Episode 13”


wrote …

Gary, your videos are always inspiring. Thanks for showing what's possible. I enjoyed the humor between you two, too. Makes me want to get up and do more.

More, please.


wrote …

Awesome vid. Keep 'em coming.


wrote …

Well done Gary and Harold, great vid!


wrote …

LOVE IT!!! So awesome that you "took him down." So inspiring. Feel good moment!!


wrote …

Gotta get my coach to program the KTFM Harold wod! Much love Gary!


wrote …

feels great right? awesome job man.


wrote …

i cannot download onto my android razor. why not?


wrote …

To Gary, Harold and Crossfit Journal..

My sister weighs about 300 lbs. I finally got my sister to watch all of your videos. She got motivated and we decided to join a Crossfit gym together. I went to check out the closest Crossfit gym. I spoke with one of the representative there. When i told this person about my sisters weight she looked astonished. She told me that "Crossfit would not be good for my sister BECAUSE OF HER JOINTS".

Went and scouted another Crossfit gym in New York City. Was told "she would not be able to do any classes. Only personal training". Is this a fact?

When i mention your video at both Crossfit gyms, none of them have seen or heard of the video. I am perplexed that employees who are representing the Crossfit life have no idea or concept of Killing the Fat Man.

Can you or anyone direct me to a real Crossfit gym that has knowledgeable representatives and coaches in New York City.


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