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April 30, 2013

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At CrossFit Delaware Valley in Broomall, Pa., owner Rob Miller believes in a creative warm-up.

Bear-crawl musical chairs, for example, is among his choices.

“Now when I stop the music, you have to put your butt on top of one of these med-balls and claim it as your own,” he explains to the class.

The first person who cannot get his or her butt to an open ball does 16 burpees, the next does 14 burpees, then 12, and so on.

“The warm-ups can be kind of standard and can kind of be a drag,” Miller says. “And this is a good team-building thing and just kind of fun.”

Another warm-up in his arsenal is doing burpees every time Sting sings the word “Roxanne” in the song by the same name.

“Warming up is definitely community,” Miller adds. “You can check in on your clients. You can have a little touch with them that you’re not otherwise gonna get.”

Video by Mike Donofrio.

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Additional reading: Skill-Based Warm-Ups for Groups by Tony Budding, published Sept. 1, 2006.

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6 Comments on “Rob Miller Time: The Warm-Up”


wrote …

Awesome! I love it Rob. That just made me want to get in my car and drive down to your box.


wrote …

Absolutely LOVE this!!!Dido to the top comment!


wrote …

Hmmmm....Musical Med balls? I've seen this somewhere before. Oh yeah, been doing that at the CrossFit Kids Course since 2008! It's awesome and everyone loves it.


wrote …

Great stuff! The Roxanne warm-up is fun, creative, and it works (doing jumping jacks in between the burpees counts as a workout). I need to try the musical med balls next.


wrote …

Great warm up!!


wrote …

Hadn't seen the musical med balls before..can't wait to try it!

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