Suffer the Children

By Chris Cooper

In CrossFit, Special Populations

April 16, 2013

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CrossFit unites its global community in the fight against catastrophic children’s illnesses. Chris Cooper reports.

It costs US$1.9 million to turn the lights on every morning and run St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for a day. Some celebrities contribute, but the majority of donations are just from average folks around the world. Incredibly, 70 percent of all donations made to St. Jude are for $30 or less.

Thirty bucks isn’t much, and it certainly doesn’t buy much in a hospital. That’s where the global CrossFit community comes in. There are now more than 6,000 CrossFit affiliates. Imagine if 10 members in each affiliate decided to donate just $30 to CrossFit for Hope. That’s the price of a skipping rope. Do the math, and you’ve suddenly got $1.8 million. If you get 20 members per affiliate, the number doubles to $3.6 million.

CrossFit’s goal last year: to raise enough money through the Hope fundraising campaign to pay St. Jude’s costs for a single day. The community succeeded. This year, the goals are loftier.

CrossFit for Hope is the umbrella for several initiatives all designed to help people in need. In 2012, St. Jude was a major beneficiary. Almost $300,000 has been raised through the Hope for Kenya initiative, which funds health and education improvements near Mombasa. Already in 2013, CrossFit for Kenya raised $60,000 through donations made during athlete registration for the CrossFit Open. That money will fund the building of four new schools in a country where education adds years to life expectancy.

“We have a bunch of fit, intelligent, caring people in this community, and they rally,” said Jimi Letchford of CrossFit HQ.

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4 Comments on “Suffer the Children”


wrote …

Awesome article, proud of what this community can accomplish! Is there someone I can contact who deals directly with the St. Jude initiative? My gym is looking to run an event that is going to raise funds for St. Jude and I would love to do it through CrossFit for Hope. I'm just not sure how to go about it because the page is currently set to the Kenya initiative.


wrote …

Thanks, Nick. We'll have links to get involved on the site very soon!


Chris Cavallerano wrote …

Chris Cooper's writing is always thorough, always thoughtful, and 100% from the heart. CrossFit has provided us a gift for a better life, not just wellness but fitness, not just physically ready but mentally strong, and in so doing we have an obligation, if not a duty, to help others achieve their own human potential no matter the obstacles. What is known and knowable is that a community as talented, diverse, and resilient as CrossFit is just beginning to realize the broader application of it's ability to change the world and the feeling could not be more awesome and the mission more important! Let's do this...


wrote …

Chris, any idea when the CrossFit for Hope St. Jude initiative will be taking place? I really want to help in this effort.

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