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As a child, Annie Thorisdottir took ballet. It didn’t stick for long, though. Like her cousins, she wanted to try gymnastics. She made it to Iceland’s national team but quit to focus on high-school studies.

“Going from training 24 hours a week into training not at all didn’t really work out for me,” the 23-year-old two-time CrossFit Games champion says with her quintessential smile.

So she started ballet again, and dance. That, too, didn’t stick for long.

“I loved it and I loved the shows and everything, but you don’t really compete in ballet, do you?” Thorisdottir asks.

Then it was pole vaulting. For the two years she took up the sport, she was the national champion. She had a plan to go to the Olympics, but something was amiss.

“I didn’t feel like I was getting enough,” Thorisdottir says. “I felt like I needed to sweat more.”

“Iceland Annie” started signing up for competitions all over her country; one was a CrossFit competition. The rest is history. She’s competed at the Games since 2009 and finished on the podium every year after that, winning twice.

Today, she’s healing from a late-March back injury that took her out of Open competition.

But Annie is, at heart, a competitor, and she’ll fight to return to form.

Video by Ross Coughlan.

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Additional reading: CrossFit Radio Episode 237 by Justin Judkins, published Aug. 15, 2012.

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5 Comments on “This Is Annie Thorisdottir ”


wrote …

God speed in your healing Annie. Great video.


wrote …

What a cool girl =)


wrote …

So this year she is out of the Games...

It is probably going to eat at her inside...

She may feel sad, and she may even cry...

...But it will make her want it even that much more. And I have a feeling come 2014 she is going to come back Stronger, Faster, and with a Bigger smile than ever. And am sure she is will make every Athlete on that 2014 CrossFit Games field fight, sweat, bleed and earn every last rep, for every last second.

Louie Simmons broke his back, twice. Then went on to set a 900lbs record squat when he was over 50 years old. This is what elite athlete’s do. Annie is not any different.

She is going to have to sit back and rehab her back while watching all the other Athlete’s compete. And I am sure she will not enjoy that. She will smile and congratulate them and be happy for them just like any CrossFitter will because this is who we are and what the sport of CrossFit is also about. But the sport of CrossFit is also about winning and “Being the Fittest Man and Woman alive”… And we all know she would rather compete against them... And win… She is a competitor. And I have a feeling that she will have a performance and a fire in her come 2014 that we have not yet seen before from Annie Thorisdottir.

And I personally cannot wait to see it.


wrote …

Just to clarify Nicholas, there is still a chance she could compete in the games. HQ reserves the right to send special invitations to the games to who ever they like. I could see Anne, being the two time defending champ, getting this special invitation. I would guess that if she was even 85% to 90% healthy she would take them up on it too. Whether she makes an appearance at this years games or not I wish her a speedy recovery.


Pierre Litobox wrote …

A lot of great CrossFit athletes have a gymnastic background like Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Cassidy Lance, Laurie Galassi and many others. I didn't know for Annie !

PS: Reykjavík seems to be such a beautiful place.

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