CrossFit Radio Episode 275

By Justin Judkins

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May 09, 2013

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On Episode 275 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed Chris Dozois, who won the CrossFit Games Open in the South West. Also on the show was Rainier CrossFit owner and HQ Seminar Staff member Kurtis Bowler. This episode was webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, May 8, 2013.

3:41 Chris Dozois finished at the top of the Open leaderboard in the South West, placing ahead of Games competitors Chris Spealler and Tommy Hackenbruck. Dozois, 41, also topped the worldwide leaderboard in the Masters 40-44 Division, and his Front Range CrossFit team finished first in the South West. On the strength of a phenomenal performance, Dozois had all competition options available. He chose to decline his individual invite to compete as part of a team, though he still has an invitation to the Games as a master if the Front Range squad falls short of its bid. Dozois discussed his decision to go team and explained why he likes to compete. He also talked about the importance of recovery and broke down how he would approach a few of the Regional events.

28:55 Kurtis Bowler started Rainier CrossFit and was the eighth person to affiliate at the time. He spoke about how he actually took a trip to train at Coach Glassman’s original box in Santa Cruz, Calif., and he shared his thoughts on the growing CrossFit affiliate community. Bowler is also the director of the North West Regional, and he described all the work that goes into making the event a success. He reflected on some of his favorite CrossFit events and performances over the years and gave his opinion on what makes an ideal Regional team. Finally, he talked about the Rainier CrossFit strongman and strongwoman competition and why it’s so important to him.

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2 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Episode 275”


wrote …

Big fan of the content but you got to be aware of your acoustics. The first interview sounded like it was in a cave. Other than that, love the interviews with awesome athletes


wrote …

His last comment with the last guest is an amazingly true item.... word of mouth is key. I have multiple affiliates in the past treat me pretty badly once they realized I wouldn't join the gym (distance being a key factor in my decision to do that and I'm just happier lifting at home) not realizing that while I am too far away to go their gym I know plenty of people that are not and now steer people away from those gyms. (Not out of spite but more for multiple of clique reasons)

BE WARY of how you treat everyone that can't join your gym because they do know people who can join the gym

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