Helping Orphans in Liberia

By Daryl Roberts

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May 02, 2013

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For Daryl Roberts, CrossFit has been about improved health and relationships, so when he traveled in 2008 to Liberia and saw malnourished orphans sick with malaria and infested with worms, he knew what could help make them better.

“I love CrossFit so much and I saw how it improved my health,” explains Roberts, who trains at CrossFit Adrenaline in Cartersville, Ga. “I wanted our kids to experience that.”

Roberts started Orphan Aid Liberia, as well as the nonprofit affiliate CrossFit Courageous, and now 125 West African children perform basic CrossFit exercises as part of their daily recess.

“Ultimately, our effort is to rebuild these children—physically, mentally, spiritually—and this is a big part of the physical rebuild as we’re able to feed them nutritious foods and … we’re able to show them how to exercise,” Roberts says.

From the Ground Up is a new campaign where Roberts and others will climb Mount Kilimanjaro as part of a fundraising effort in support of the efforts in Liberia.

Going to members of the CrossFit community for assistance made sense, he notes.

“They just have good hearts,” Roberts says.

He adds: “We have opportunity to help others be healthy through a simple effort, and the CrossFit community has just got the heart to do that.”

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wrote …

I love this!!! How amazing!!! Thought some Ghanian ladies crossfit some time ago, but this is a truly amazing project! wow!!!

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