By Dan Strametz and Mikki Lee Martin

In Kids

May 13, 2013

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You’ve seen the game on American Gladiators, now play it with your CrossFit Kids.

This kids version of powerball involves quite a bit less tackling than the TV version featuring muscled men and women named Laser and Siren, but the goals are the same: get a ball into a guarded bucket.

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wrote …

I haven't seen American Gladiators, but I assume it is based on the same principle as any other game from this type. You are supposed to "throw" the ball through the opponent's goal, or pass some line for even more points. While this may be very similar with american football, Mr. Mark Tompkins has developed a game that is very similar to this one and it requires a few more chunks of armor for it to be safe. Here is the whole concept by Mark Tompkins' Canaccord.

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