Want to Be Good at Oly?

By Chad Vaughn

In Coaching, Olympic Lifts

May 19, 2013

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Two-time Olympian Chad Vaughn details four areas of focus if you really want to add weight to your snatch and clean and jerk.

Most athletes dive into the Olympic lifts without considering what really allows someone to lift the heaviest loads and move efficiently through high-rep workouts.

I have four keys to lifting the heaviest weights and moving well in the snatch and clean and jerk. They should be used as primary points of evaluation that will need to be built upon.

To start, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I need mobility work or am I at least somewhat comfortable in all the extreme positions for these movements?
2. Do I “rip” from the floor?
3. Do I hurry to set up or get into positions?
4. Is my mind overwhelmed or my thoughts scrambled from trying to accomplish too many things at once?
5. Do I need to calm down?

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3 Comments on “Want to Be Good at Oly?”


wrote …

Awesome article Chad. I've watched all your videos on the journal and find them incredibly helpful as a newbie to Oly. Probably the most helpful video to date are your slow motion snatch and clean&jerk videos. Thanks for all your contributions to the community!


wrote …

Awesome read. Thanks Chad.


wrote …

Great article Chad.

I feel this is being lost on a lot of people.

"And while there are all these fancy stretches and mobility
drills out there, the fact is mobility should be in every movement. That is not to say you shouldn’t stretch, but if you’re spending more time on mobility than actually working out, you need to check your range of motion and
hold yourself to better standards while lifting."

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