Opera and CrossFit

By David Webb

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June 24, 2013

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When friends tried persuading opera singer David Webb to try CrossFit, he wasn’t interested.

“No, it looks weird,” he told them.

Today the 6-foot-2 performer says he’s producing a better sound with his vocal chords because of time spent at CrossFit London.

“When we did the Open this year at the box, you work out your strengths and your weaknesses, and in the same way, you know, I can do that with musical stuff and with singing. … Singing-wise, that same level of intensity with which you go into a WOD I now take into an aria,” Webb explains.

He’s even gone so far as to do a 10-minute version of Cindy before going on stage.

“Then as a result, you start warming up, you feel strong, you feel connected with your body and, yeah, it’s not hard to put CrossFit into your life. It’s not hard to put health and fitness in your life,” he says. “There’s kind of no excuse to not be active and to not be doing something with your body.”

Video by Ross Coughlan.

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