Structure and Purpose

By Lucas Parker

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June 06, 2013

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Making breakfast isn’t just about eating.

So says Lucas Parker, two-time CrossFit Games competitor from the Canada West Region. Parker is perhaps best known for his beard and body hair, as well as propensity for getting naked or rocking a tuque and Speedo swimsuit.

“I think it’s important to try to find structure and purpose in everything you do—for training for the CrossFit Games to making breakfast,” he says while cooking bacon in his bathrobe.

Parker believes in putting “your whole life into a state of training.” Perhaps that’s why his warm-up takes 45 minutes.

“It’s quite a long process, but I find that for me personally to make sure that my technique is on track and all my muscles are firing properly and to avoid injury, I like to take a nice, long warm-up,” he explains.

It allows him to train high volume at high intensity fairly frequently, Parker adds.

“Or maybe that’s why I’m sore and tired all the time because I spent an extra seven or eight hours a week just warmin’ up, but (that’s) the way she goes.”

This year’s goal: win the Canada West Regional. In the long term: win the Games.

“I wouldn’t be putting so much time and energy into this if I didn’t think I could be the best in the world,” he says.

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Additional photos: The Sport of Fitness: Canada West by Mike Warkentin, published May 11, 2012.

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4 Comments on “Structure and Purpose”


wrote …

Dude's mental approach is awesome. Best of luck to him. Jealous of his environs and freedom of time. And he can pull off the hairy speedo look. Possibly related to the Duck Dynasty cast members.


wrote …

He is the up and coming I have loved Parker since his Isabel time.


wrote …

Good luck to Lucas. Nice video.


wrote …

Great Video and content CF HQ! Lucas has a great approach to life, lifting and everything in between. What I came away with is this vid was Lucas's Mental approach to be fully aware and streamlining in every aspect and process of your daily grind. His goals segment (realistic) of writing it down in his training journal was great now regional champ 1st place funny how those things workout. Great Beard, Pink Crocks and speedo was hard to pull off but he did! Wish lucas all the best come July, With that great beard i think he is unstoppable.

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