Destiny, Choice and Struggle

By Andréa Maria Cecil

In Rest Day/Theory

August 22, 2013

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Patrick Miller is a typical kid from a working Midwestern town. This is his coming-of-age story in which there may or may not be a happy ending.

I am writing this brief article for a writing class that I am taking through a community college in my home town of Pontiac, Illinois. This is somewhat of a brief insight to the love and (passion) for the sport I have, but unfortunately this is all the time I have to complete this assignment on time.

I currently work forty plus hours a week for my father cleaning carpets at his professional floor care business and have been doing so for the past three years. Honestly, my life is a little overwhelming at times, being a 23 year old young man, owning a car, renting a house, raising a dog, and most importantly making it all worth my while, while continuing my education so I do not have to keep cleaning carpets for the rest of my life and do something that I love and have a true passion for.

CrossFit, fires me up inside, and pushes me like nothing else has ever done, and it is truly my passion and something that I want to have part in for the rest of my life. —Patrick Miller, October 2012

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3 Comments on “Destiny, Choice and Struggle”


wrote …

Good luck Patrick, you're doing it right now. Being in a relationship ending and a career tailspin can seem worrying but you have time to get everything in line. CrossFit will keep you on the straight and narrow and keep your head in the books. Well done mate. Ben


wrote …

Hi Patrick,
Go for it young man! Not knowing exactly what you want to do is normal; it is how one goes about pursuing the answers that matter! Sounds like you are on the right track. Sorry your relationship didn't work out. Listen to the wisdom of your dad and use that brain (and the health) you were blessed with to help others. The journey/path you have gone through so far and are continuing will be helpful in reaching others, many of whom, like yourself, have struggles to find their way.


wrote …

Patrick, keep on pushing. A wise guy once said to me that you need to live a life full of "purpose, principles and passion." You have been lucky enough to experience this over the last few years and you just need to get back into thinking that and following through with it. Best of luck!

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