Making the Most of It

By Gary Kirk

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August 10, 2013

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Gary Kirk didn’t cook. He would heat up food but never venture so far as to make something from scratch.

These days, Sunday is reserved for making sauces to accompany his reformed diet, recommended to him by his neurologist. More than six months ago, Kirk was suffering from nerve attacks, sight problems, loss of balance and movement in the face, as well as a loss of taste—all because of multiple sclerosis. Kirk also weighed 266 lb. at the time.

After searching the Internet for diet info, he stumbled upon the word “CrossFit.”

Kirk now goes to CrossFit Edinburgh in Scotland five times a week, and today the 38-year-old is 91 lb. lighter.

“I’ve gone from being totally unfit to gettin’ there,” he excitedly explains.

“I’ve just done it as hard as I can, knowing that things will change and knowing that the whole idea of this is to make the best of yourself. And there’s no point in doing somethin’ half-heartedly,” he says.

Video by Gary Roberts and Sevan Matossian.

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4 Comments on “Making the Most of It”


wrote …

Thanks again, Sevan and Gary Roberts, for an excellent video. And thanks to Gary Kirk.... I have been there, and still am to some degree (but improving). It is inspiring to see what you have accomplished. Good work!


wrote …

Great story, great production. The Roberts/Matossian combo is top notch.


wrote …

Congratulations Kirk, be sure to visit us when you come to New York; CrossFit Wall Street.


wrote …

First things first. We will cheer for you on the Edinburgh Crossfit. Second, Dr David Lichtenstein agrees with the food part at the beginning. And third, Lichtenstein applauds your fighting spirit and dedication

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