Battle on the Home Front

By Emily Beers

In LEO/Mil

September 25, 2013

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Identical names lead one Emily Beers to befriend another and learn a soldier’s story of rape in the military.

Emily Beers joined the U.S. military at 17. Being a soldier was what she had wanted to do since watching the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks while she was a sophomore in high school in Pennsylvania. Two weeks after she graduated, she ran off to boot camp to start her dream career.

She readily accepted the challenges the military threw at her, and she was prepared for military life. What her training didn’t prepare her for was getting raped by a colleague on her base.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) officially recognizes sexual assault as a huge black hole for the military. The DOD’s lengthy two-volume 2012 annual report on sexual assault in the military not only acknowledges the problem but also suggests that its true extent is not known due to underreporting.

Full reports: Volume 1 Volume 2

DOD spokeswoman Cynthia O. Smith, in an email to the CrossFit Journal, said one of the major things that needs to change is military culture.

“We need cultural change where every service member is treated with dignity and respect, where all allegations of inappropriate behavior are treated with seriousness, where victims’ privacy is protected, where bystanders are motivated to intervene, and where offenders know that they will be held accountable by strong and effective systems of justice,” Smith wrote.

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2 Comments on “Battle on the Home Front”


wrote …

To Emily, that author; thank you for writing this article.

To Emily, of Pennsylvania: I applaud your courage for telling your story. I don't understand why you were abandoned by the Army either - you deserve so much more. You sound like a great young woman, and I wish you all the best.

Todd Miller


wrote …

Emily, thank you, for doing what you do, and saying something.

Its very bad for the Army, and the military in general to act like things don't happen. Men rape women, and other men, same with women and other women, its a issue that has many causes but nothing will be done until the death toll rises. Look at PTSD, and the military. I was in the Army, did my time in Iraq as a infantryman, one of the few places where you never see or work with women. But, I have known about this since I was a kid.(I'm a army brat also)
Women in the Army, especially at the enlisted rank, have huge issues with command, not only men in the chain of command, but women as well.
I DO NOT CONDONE THIS BEHAVIOR OR USE THIS AS A EXCUSE, its just the fact. NO WOMAN SHOULD EVER HAVE TO ENDURE WHAT EMILY ENDURED, EVER. It pisses me off, that so many chickenshit commanders let this slide.

Look at what has been going on over this year,
not only a Lt but a senior NCO, who were in charge of the Sexual Assault Program to prevent this behavior were found to be assaulting women.
From NBC news

You have 10+ yrs of war, mass exodus of troops from the ranks, and due to shortages the military took anyone. Gang members, raciest, felons, etc. You have the same situation that resulted from Nam' but with men and women on 5 deployments (average Nam soldier did 1 tour).

I hope you Emily get your justice someday, and I hope you can build a great life for yourself. Sorry they let you down, and thank you again.

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