Learning to Win

By Jeff Tincher

In Athletes, Coaching, CrossFit Games

September 21, 2013

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Jeff Tincher explains how the CrossFit Competitors Course helped him put Lindy Wall on a path to the CrossFit Games.

What do most competitive CrossFit athletes have in common? They are all well developed in the 10 general physical skills, from cardiorespiratory endurance to strength, speed and agility. They are well-rounded athletes. They all practice constantly varied functional movements at high intensity in different time domains. They possess mental toughness that comes with doing multiple events over the course of a two- or three-day competition.

But successful athletes all have something else in common: a game plan.

Developing a game plan for such a new and evolving sport can be challenging—especially for the novice competitor. How to get started? What to do? How often to train?

One of the easiest ways to get started is attending workshops and summits given by local coaches to learn from experts while refining skills in a variety of areas. More serious athletes will seek out a personal coach—local or remote—in hopes of developing into a CrossFit Games athlete. As competitor for over five years and a coach for almost eight, I’m always trying to look for new tools and means to stay competitive and to develop my athletes.

One of the newest and most comprehensive tools I’ve found is the CrossFit Competitors Course taught by Chris Spealler, Matt Chan and Eric O’Connor.

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