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Offline, Episode 1: CrossFit Posts Unrelated to Fitness by Russell Berger - CrossFit Journal

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September 07, 2013

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In the inaugural episode of Offline, an unscripted presentation of guests debating controversial subjects in the CrossFit world, the topic is and other CrossFit Inc. media platforms publishing anything unrelated to fitness.

Host Russell Berger welcomes guests Chris Arace, a professional photographer; Kevin Lavelle, co-founder of Mizzen and Main; Baker Leavitt, co-founder of Kill Cliff; and Ivan Ruiz, marketing manager at AOD CrossFit.

The group speaks both generally and specifically about such stories as Parents, Pot, and Prohibition: Daisy Bram’s Story from and “Shave me” from the CrossFit Journal.

Arace indicates that CrossFit should be mindful not to alienate its audience.

“I believe it should evolve,” he says. “We need an empathetic stance still to be able to bring more people to understand and love what we do.”

Lavelle, however, says posts about politics, economics and lifestyle are par for the course.

“Human performance does not live in a vacuum,” he says, “and the way that I read that and the way that I have respect for CrossFit as a company is that you stand for what you believe in and you’re not going to kowtow to the critics or the people who might want to put their hands over their ears. Human performance can go beyond the physical to the mental, and that’s part of CrossFit’s mission overall.”

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Video by Russell Berger and Noor Greene.

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Additional reading: The Cause of the Earth’s Climate Change is the Sun by Dr. Jeffrey A. Glassman, published April 25, 2010.

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10 Comments on “Offline, Episode 1: CrossFit Posts Unrelated to Fitness”


wrote …

Kudos to the guests on this show for having the guts to defend their viewpoint in person!

I would like to see the next episode discuss whether or not CrossFit should post photos and videos of naked or half-naked men and women, particularly because there are sexually explicit depictions of women on the CrossFit social media pages. Thanks!


wrote …

I noticed the non-crossfit posts creeping up in my feeds and overly politic statements from CF. I guess they don't bother me, but putting statements out there without being an expert is setting yourself up to look bad. People should get their political input from reputable news agencies like the BBC, NPR, or Al Jazeera. Not CF parrotting what they hear on Fox News. The crossfit posts are great. Make them as controversial as you like. You are experts in that area. Leave the politics and religion for the dinner table. Just MHO.


wrote …

Just watched the Offline segment. I will watch it again and take notes for a more in-depth response as promised in musings.

Briefly, I fundamentally disagree with Chris' position that CrossFit, Inc. should be compelled in some way to have "empathy" toward some nebulous "evolving audience." What makes CrossFit a whole, and what has been a part of its DNA from the outset, is a clear refusal to do exactly that. Witness the continual posting of photos that cause some group of other to become butt-sore.

CrossFit and its f0unders have placed flag after flag in the sand and offered a place where the audience can freely choose to salute that flag or not. The fact that this phenomenon has extended from a website to include FB and Twitter is, or IMO should be, irrelevant.

At the risk of chewing up any goodwill that I may have acquired over my 8 or so years hanging around here, to do what Chris suggests would be the ultimate sell-out, much more damaging and "not CrossFitty" than any CrossFit endorsement of Kill Clif or whatever.

FWIW, I don't see that happening.

Posted by bingo at September 8, 2013 8:38 AM


wrote …

Great segment and great idea.


wrote …

This is great! Looking forward to the next "Offline".


wrote …

CrossFit is the product of Greg Glassman's mind. It was built on the premise that "the norm" is not necessarily right. From my perspective, Greg Glassman and CrossFit have always challenged "the norm" and have gotten people to think out of the box.

I am pretty sure Greg is a libertarian(the idea, not the party), which is all about letting the individual decide their own destiny. I believe this is what CrossFit is all about- deciding your own destiny and not being led like a lemming to physical(and mental) decrepitude. That will never be the norm, and God Bless Greg Glassman and CrossFit for helping people think outside the box and taking control of their own destiny.


wrote …

Crossfit can post whatever it wants IMO. I will continue to use the site as a training resource regardless of the opinions presented by another follower. Also my opinion, but to think that using crossfit as a platform to promote change in anything non-fitness related is a bit overstating the reach of the brand. This would be the last place I would go to concern myself with something non-fitness related, but I am certainly not going to boycott the site because HQ (who really makes up this group anyway?) posts something non-fitness related.


wrote …

I agree with Timothy. I will continue to use and the journal as a guide to help challenge myself and my family to stay fit and healthy. However, I don't really understand why there has been a decision to deviate from fitness and nutrition as topics. It definitely adds to the "cult" persona that CrossFit has acquired over the years. Every-time I talk to someone about CrossFit they refer to it as a "fitness" cult and I argue that its not. Articles like this don't help. I guess now that CrossFit has grown as large as it has that this was to be expected. Much to Timothy's point, I seek knowledge from the daily posts,videos, tutorials, and fitness/nutrition related articles that are posted on because CrossFit harbors some of the best athletes in the world, without question. I respect them and what their input is on training and nutrition. I personally don't want or need to hear more opinions from random people about things unrelated to being better at CrossFit. The easiest way to evolve as a society or group is by trying to do the next right thing and being of service to your fellow man(and woman). What happened to posting videos on WOD demo's from different boxes around the country to show correct form and methodology on uncommon exercises? That was helpful.


replied to comment from Chris Garay

I agree with a discussion on such content. I don't think athletes need to be portrayed in a sexual way to sell Crossfit. The core of Crossfit sells Crossfit.


wrote …

I welcome this offline debate and the new presentation. I thought this was a well conducted discussion with some interesting points of view.

Why not have the next "offline" debate with an all-female panel? I'm guessing you won't... happy to be proved wrong!

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