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October 05, 2013

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If you ask 100 people to define beauty, you’ll get 100 different answers. Most will falter and offer descriptions instead.

CrossFit athletes are now rejecting previous definitions of beauty and putting forth their own, a definition researched and confirmed in every workout and every rep.

“There are people who spend their entire lives allowing the reflection in the mirror to determine their self-esteem, submitting to a cultural judgment established decades ago. But in CrossFit gyms all over the world, mirrors are conspicuous by their absence. Fitness is gauged in reps, in speed, power, virtuosity. And beauty is measured in joy. And in pride,” says narrator Marty Cej.

CrossFit presents a new aesthetic based on function, performance and confidence.

“I love the way that CrossFitters look because it’s just so real,” says three-time CrossFit Games competitor Ruth Anderson Horrell, pointing to an aesthetic that’s born of a relentless pursuit of work capacity and the inner strength that comes from achieving it.

“It’s beautiful to be fit, but I think … anyone who carries themselves with confidence will be beautiful,” says Michele Letendre.

Four-time Games competitor Austin Malleolo agrees: “If you want to look good, do stuff well, and do what life demands of you, and everything else will fall into place.”

Video by Jon Gilbert and Marty Cej.

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3 Comments on “Letting Beauty Speak”


wrote …

Well said!


Stephen Collins wrote …

Definitely not the only definition of beauty - hell, I know people all shapes and sizes I think are beautiful. But it's certainly one that resonates with me.


wrote …

Awesome video. Love that CF offers a move as an answer!

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